Our goals

InfoGroup is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 2003. Our mission is to promote science and raise awareness of the importance of research and innovation for overall development. InfoGroup main goals are two-fold:

  • enhancing public understanding of science and its role in society
  • fostering science communication and public engagement both nationally and internationally.

Our strategies for achieving these goals

Science communication and public engagement

  • stimulating dialogue between researchers and the public;
  • providing knowledge about methods for science communication;
  • communication and PR activities;
  • producing innovative media to communicate science to different audiences;

Knowledge development 

  • collecting and disseminating knowledge and experience gained by us and others;
  • exploring Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) as a new framework for meaningful participation of civil society in research and innovation;
  • actively promoting and putting into practice Open Science practices (e.g. Open Access, open scholarly communication);

Capacity building

  • stimulating the interest of young people to study natural sciences and technology;
  • enhancing digital skills of researchers;  
  • equipping researchers with skills for Open Science practices, including increased research visibility and impact.

We cooperate

We cooperate with research and educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova and worldwide, working closely with government ministries, agencies, as well as with the media and the private sector. Our programmes are implemented in cooperation with the scientific community and professionals in various fields.

We grow

Our team is professional, passionate, and dedicated.

We are creative, innovative and open to new challenges, continuously investing in developing our competencies.